Wallcoverings, Canvas, Wall Decals


Because our printers are so cost-effective and high-quality, they’ll allow you to add high-revenue interior decoration services to your line-up, at a fraction of the cost.


Create beautiful, vivid murals that span entire walls. At up to 1400 dpi, they're sharp, crisp, and life-like.


You don't have to be Picasso to create beauty on canvas. Our printers get the job done with flying colors - literally.

Wall Decals

Our decals are as tough as they are vibrant. That's important when you're placing them on a child's wall, or in a high-traffic business.

Window Covers

Transform ordinary blinds, shades, and windows into works of art with beautiful, rich window covers. Your customer won't believe their eyes.

Add interior decoration to your line-up. Today.

With the same SignWarehouse printers you use for vehicle wraps and signs, you can also print all of the beautiful wall coverings above. Get the right printer for your needs today:

State-of-the-Art Software to Up Your Game.

Graphic design is a powerful, revenue-driving add-on for interior decoration services.

Our LXi and LXi RIP software is fun, intuitive, and packs power. Deliver stunning designs to your customers, then print them on your SignWarehouse printer with ease.

Media & Ink

Whatever you need to successfully print, we've got it, and at a great price. Learn all about eco-solvent inks and how they produce more vivid, powerful colors than latex. And see what media solutions we have to cover your needs.

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