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The ultimate all-in-one software to design, cut, and print all things vinyl. Included FREE with your printer. (A $1995 value)

Been using LXi for 10 years! Love it. Very easy to use.

Professional User

Design with ease

LXi makes sign crafting easy and fun. Manipulate text, add color and graphics, and more - with a few simple clicks.

Intuitive & Fast

Over the years, we've refined LXi, making it simpler, easier, and faster. The result: Spend less time figuring the software out - and more time focused on your design.

Perfect for Print Shops of all Sizes

Whether you run a large, nationwide print shop, or a boutique one, LXi gives you everything you need to get your customers high quality designs, fast.

Seamless Support with Our Printers, and Hundreds More.

LXi works beautifully with our printers. But we've also crafted it to work with hundreds of others. So whether you're only using SignWarehouse printers, or a combination of a few brands, you can print and cut with ease.

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