PrismJet Wide-Format Printers by SignWarehouse: High Speed. High Quality. Low Cost.

Our PrismJet eco-solvent printers not only produce brighter, more vibrant colors than latex – they print on a wider selection of material, too. Not to mention the low cost means a great ROI.  That’s why pros and print shops of all shapes and sizes choose PrismJET eco-solvent printers from SignWarehouse. Read on to learn more.

Great quality, great price, amazing support. My PrismJET eco-solvent printer lets me run my shop with confidence and ease.

Steve Leeder, Leeding Signs

See how our eco-solvent printers beat latex printers

5 Ways Our Piezo Print heads save money vs. Latex Print heads

1. 44% higher dpi resolution over latex print heads

2. 14% faster speed vs latex print heads

3. Recognized for their long-lasting service life: They last years vs. only 90 days for latex print heads

4. Save you money in the long run over latex print heads that need to constantly be purchased and replaced

5. Allow you to use a much wider range of inks and media vs. latex print heads - giving you and your customers more options

Amazing Color Gamut

Simply put, eco-solvent inks are brighter, more vivid and more life-like than latex, and allow you to produce 16% more colors than latex too.

For the selective eye that always demands the best, you'll be more than satisfied. In fact, because of the amazing color gamut, many of our customers switched from much more expensive, big-name printers to PrismJET eco-solvent printers. They're simply better.

High Speed: Print More, Faster.

Yes, the print resolution is 44% better vs. latex. Yes, our machines cost less and last longer too.

But they're also faster. How much faster? A whopping 14%, thanks to precision, efficient, high-quality manufacturing from our partners in Japan.

Latex's High Cost of Operation

The top 3 unexpected, high costs that come with latex:

1. Did you know that you may need to spend an additional $1,500 just to get a latex printer up and running? That's because latex printers require two completely separate electrical breakers to produce the extremely high heat they need to cure. That set-up is costly.

2. Latex printers can also cost you up to 40% more to operate over time vs. eco-solvent printers over time due to more expensive inks, needing to replace print heads every couple months, and complex maintenance.

3. Finally: Latex printers guzzle electricity. They demand up to three times more energy to print vs. our eco-solvent printers.

When you realize that our eco-solvent printers cost less, print faster, and produce higher quality - the choice is obvious.

Vibrant colors. Never any issues. And our customers love everything we do. Plus, SignWarehouse's service is always above and beyond.

Chris Cary, Tanrae Designs

Tanrae Designs specializes in banners & signs, mostly for commercial applications. They work with realtors, businesses, schools, and more - high-caliber community members who depend on them for high-quality work. Tanrae has to come through for these customers to keep their reputation pristine. Learn how SignWarehouse helps them do that.

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I needed the best of all worlds for my smaller shop: Quality, price, and service. With SignWarehouse, I got it.

Steve Leeder, Leeding Signs

Leeding Signs needed to replace their big-name printer that came with constant maintenance issues, not to mention extremely large maintenance bills every time something went wrong. Discover how SignWarehouse cut their costs while giving them better quality, and virtually no maintenance costs what-so-ever.

See the full story: download the PDF

A large shop down the street has a much more expensive, big-name printer. We've compared prints side-by-side. Ours look either just as good, or better, every time.

Robert Bradley, ABBC / Fedex Store

Robert Bradley is a one-stop-shop. He manages everything from license plates to racecar wraps for his customers, plus stickers, signs, banners, window decals, and more. Learn how SignWarehouse paired him with the perfect printer to make his life easier while enabling him to better serve his customers.

See the full story: download the PDF

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